What to Bring

What to Bring

Making the Most of Senior Living

Choosing a memory care assisted living community often brings an initial sense of relief – both that a decision has been made and that new opportunities await.

With the move to a memory care community comes freedom from daily concerns and chores, new opportunities for friendships and connections with others, specialized care and programming to accommodate cognitive impairment, and the confidence that staff is on-site 24 hours a day.

The move to memory care assisted living also brings questions about what your loved one can take to their new home. Here are a few suggestions for a successful transition:

Copies of familiar family photos. Pictures of family members can be comforting, even when our loved ones don’t always remember the names and connections. Make copies of some favorites for your loved one to bring with them, and keep the originals safely stored for future generations.

Carefully chosen personal items. Familiar personal items can reduce stress and encourage connection. We recommend choosing things that are meaningful and comforting to the individual, yet aren’t necessarily irreplaceable. For example, a colorful throw blanket is a better option than family heirlooms and valuables.

Comfortable clothing. Our residents receive support and assistance with clothing selection, dressing, and grooming, with an emphasis on maximizing their independence and autonomy. As with other personal items, choose pieces for practicality, comfort, and familiarity.

Awareness of routine. Our Resident Care Assistants appreciate knowing as much as possible about individual routines—from personal history to meal preferences. We recognize that each of our residents is an individual with a history, and we do our best to honor the things that support the best possible quality of life.

Their talents and interests. We often learn best when we learn from each other. Our community is shaped by the individuals who live here and we welcome opportunities to celebrate our residents’ unique talents and interests.